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benefits radiant heating

Smart Australian Heating is a giant leap forward in the evolution of radiant heating. Every aspect of the design and manufacturing of SMART RADIANT HEATING has been implemented to maximize performance. Our patented design is the industry-leading HIGH PERFORMANCE radiant heating panel.


Our high conductivity brings the lowest kilowatt consumption, decreasing energy use (and energy bills) while extending the life of your mechanical equipment. SMART RADIANT HEATING provides the fastest response, heating your space in minutes, not hours (or days), ensuring your constant comfort.


And our ZERO HEAT LOSS TO THE CEILING feature allow access to a wider variety of installation  options, from lexan to ornate hardwoods – something other systems just can't offer.

benefits radiant heating
savings of radiant heating

65% Proven & Guaranteed energy cost savings 

Our newest manufactured aluminum alloy radiation panels with patented heating elements inside, and externally coated with our transparent nanotechnology heat block coating generate and transfer over 95% efficiently heat to people & objects immediately after power without any heat loss to the ceiling.


The heat is spread in the form of radiation, emitted from radiant panel surface and is transferred directly to people, wall, floor, ceiling, furniture, etc.;


As a result much less KW of electricity is consumed to heat up more square meters of living space and no energy is wasted for preheating the area or heat trapped at the ceiling.

remote control operation radiant heater

SMART Home or Commercial Heating Integration

Convenience. Efficiency, Save Energy. If you’re a smart home or business owner, you value the ability to get the most automation control out of your living or business space.


This is why our SMART RADIANT HEAT AUSTRALIA units heating system controls integrate directly with your home or commercial management system.


Select from an assortment of decorative switches, wall plates and operator interfaces to control your SMART RADIANT HEAT AUSTRALIA units through your management system.

Choose from a range of programming options through your management system or our thermostat controls, including the ability to save preferred heating settings for off-site control via mobile device, and more.

healthy operation radiant heater

Healthy Operation 


Simply Healthy radiant warmth from above! Similar to the radiant heat rays emitted by the Sun, Perhaps the most remarkable thing about radiant heat is what you won’t notice.


There are no forced air registers to see. No noise or dust from mechanical blowers. No hot air blowing on you. No hot air collecting at the ceiling, wasting energy.


Forced air systems not only blow hot air, they also push allergens, dust and other airborne particles to every room in your home or commercial setting. Improved indoor air quality can reduce allergies, medical bills, incidences of asthma and more.


European studies indicate that dust mite populations are reduced as much as 90% in radiant heated homes. And a quiet, peaceful environment, devoid of noisy fans and blowers, is a healthier and more relaxing environment too for your family and customers or employees in any commercial setting.

outdoor radiant heater

Durable, Quiet, Efficient 

CoolairAustralia’s SMART Radiant Heating units are hard working & hard wearing.


Our commercial grade heating products are constructed from the highest quality materials and components, to allow the heating units to be used in any corrosive environments such as coastal/seaside locations, outdoor kitchens and around any type of tough outdoor or indoor environment NO MATTER HOW DUSTY OR RAINY it is.

These smart RadiantHeat units are built to exacting standards, yet are among the quietest and most energy efficient available on planet earth, they incorporate no internal moving parts ensuring quiet and virtually maintenance free operation.

installation radiant heater

5 Year Extended Worldwide Warranty


Every SMART RADIANT HEAT AUSTRALIA unit is manufactured to stringent quality standards and fully supported by CoolairAustralia’s worldwide Service Division.

CoolairAustralia’s SMART RadiantHeat Heating Series is backed by a five year parts warranty for domestic and commercial applications. All CoolairAustralia’s Heating units are manufactured with an anti-corrosion material for long lasting reliability.

You get Factory certified installation, so you get peace of mind knowing your install’s going to be done right the first time!



by applying the highest possible standards during the production process and using high-quality materials for our partly handcrafted products.

We make things efficient—and we make them the right way. That’s why most of our operations (engineering, design, manufacturing, sales, service) are located within a stone’s throw of each other. Things just work better when the people making our products can tell the people designing them what could be better, different and streamlined to make our whole operation run more efficiently.

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100% Satisfaction

The experience gained in THOUSANDS of projects worldwide from hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, gyms, kidsplaygrounds, shops, warehouses, factories and agricaltural sides enables us to propose the best solutions to meet the most stringent and current requirements of radiant heating in a practical and rational way. 100% satisfaction, Error Excluded!

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smart radiant heater installation

50 years of


We have the know-how you need.

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Commercial, Industrial or HORECA projects

we've got you covered:

For any job, for any space, no matter how large, CoolairAustralia is the world’s leading manufacturer, Designer & provider of SMART RadiantHeat units for commercial, industrial & HORECA applications.

Residential Indoor or Outdoor projects

we've got you covered:

SMART Radiant Heat heaters provides heat where you want it - in the actual living zone indoor or outdoors.

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